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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Meat-Eating Scum

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See that picture? It's an adorable little calf. Mother Nature's blueprint for cuteness. And yet some people will look at that picture and salivate, not thinking of the happy life that little creature could be living in a green pasture, but how many steaks it would make! I don't know why people think this way, but they do.

As I have mentioned before, I strongly believe that animals should not be exploited by humans. We have progressed so far technologically, yet we still revert back to our primitive, hunter-gatherer days when it comes to our diets. It's absurd! With so many alternative foods available to us, why must we continue to make these creatures suffer?

I don't plan on going on and on with my animal rights beliefs (as it may seem like I do sometimes) but sometimes I've just got to get this stuff off my chest, you know?

Vegetables - this is a food source that can be constantly replenished, and no one need die for that to happen! You just need a patch of land .Pumpkins, for instance, make excellent pies and delight children at Halloween when they're made into Jack-O-Lanterns! Carrots! They improve your eyesight and can be chopped up into oh so many bite-sized, snackable pieces! I'm telling you, the options are limitless!

Flesh? That's just dead flesh, people. It's caveman food. It's barbaric and it's leading us down a road to destruction. It hate to think about all the species that have been killed off by humans on this planet; and although our more popular "edible animals" like the chicken, cow, pig and lamb will likely be around for a long time to come, I almost wish death on the poor things, since life as they know it is perpetual suffering!

There's always this argument, of course: "Hey, what are you talking about, you veggie-loving fool? Even if you replaced all animal grazing land with vegetables, you'd still have pests like rabbits and gophers and mice and all sorts of bugs to contend with!"

Typical. The fact is, people, rabbits and gophers and other so-called "pests" couldn't possibly destroy entire crops if those who tend to them plant enough. There's a natural balance in nature that only people like socialists can understand. You see, these animals are not capitalists like most humans -- they take what they need, and nothing more. If their population gets out of control, it adjusts thanks to natural predators, which allow for a balance.

I'm sick of living in a world where this goes on:

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At 8:41 AM, Blogger Mateo said...

Either you are the stupidest son of a bitch on the planet, or you have a grasp of irony so fundamentally deep that a mere mortal such as myself could never truly grasp it.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Anonysis said...

Just because carrots dont scream when you yank them from the ground, that makes them ok to eat?
Are they not alive?

I guess you'll have to start chewing on your own arm.

Accpet that people all over are going to do things that you disagree with. Go forth and live as you believe, as you wish, but you will get nowhere judging!

Live and let Live. And try to realize that there are so many things that people don't understand about each other. Instead of finger pointing and hate, try living peacefully the way you see fit.

Sometimes even PETA commits crimes against humans, and that is in no way justifiable either. Its just as ignorant and cruel as attacking a dog or any other animal.

Attacking is not ok. War is not the answer. It seems you know this deep down.
So do what you do, but stop the name calling.

At 8:17 PM, Blogger Preston said...

Believe me, Anonysis, I've heard the whole "live and let live" thing over and over again, but it doesn't get results.

I believe that if you're truly passionate about what you believe in, calling others on what THEY supposedly believe is the only way to make them change. Most people aren't born vegetarians or vegans, but re-evaluate their lives once they see how absurd eating meat is.

It's all about getting them to that realization.

Thanks for stopping by.

At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"See that picture? It's an adorable little calf. Mother Nature's blueprint for cuteness. And yet some people will look at that picture and salivate, not thinking of the happy life that little creature could be living in a green pasture, but how many steaks it would make! I don't know why people think this way, but they do."

I think you think everyone thinks like that... woooow...No offence but how old are you? you think the world just rounds around you? you should pay more attention to that!

I like people with strong opinions but they have also to be coherent...

take care

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Wardo said...

Agreed, Maffie. Anyone who thinks eating meat is bad is a moron in my mind. Hey Preston, brush your teeth much? There are a set of teeth in there called "incisors." Maybe you've heard about them through your "extensive literary education" you bragged about.

INCISORS are there because our cavemen ancestors ate MEAT. Your ridiculous plan to eschew meat for the rest of your life is like a fish deciding its fins are no longer useful for the water.

Modern science has proven that the reason our brains are as big as they are is because Joe Caveman ate a lot of the easy calories contained in meat, in order to fuel the V-8 minds we have today. If he had eaten vegetables only, we'd still be picking lice off each other in the jungle someplace.

You are here, pulling half-baked opinions from your own rectum because of meat-eating cavemen!

P.S., that calf looks juicy and delicious. I'm going to keep eating animals like them and continue to evolve, while you become my footstool in my future giant Man Palace. Cheers, Presdumb!

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Amelopsis said...

None of you who are apparently carnivores do your own opinions any justice with your vapid and self important chastising of an alternative choice in diets. (and before you jump on the bandwagon I'm not a vegan myself) Preston is evidently a young man attempting to reconcile his conscience with our modern lifestyle.
There are many alternatives that are available. If he's selling it a little hard, I commend his exuberance for something other than 'like checkin the latest at the mall'.


A fine balance is to be struck - he's attempting it.

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Mandy said...

It's amazing some lengths people will go to prove they're jerks.

Preston, keep up with the blog postings. They're great :)

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There's a natural balance in nature that only people like socialists can understand."

So, tell us, please, about this natural balance that your socialist omiscience has shown you. You're throwing words around trying desperately to convince someone that your opinions are actually informed and intelligent; unfortunately, they're neither.

If it's a natural balance you're looking for, you might think about looking at something called a food chain. It's a basic ecological principle; the more complex organisms eat the simpler, less able organisms. At some point in the food chain, there is a transition from herbivores to carnivores; animals eat other animals; it's that simple. Food chains have been around much longer than humans have, and carnivores (or, like us, omnivores) have been at the top of every single one of them. I don't suppose you ever thought that if animals stoppped eating animals, the world would quickly be overrun and overpopulated. This balance you pretend to know something about is in fact dependent on animals eating other animals. Your extensive background in socialism as it relates to veganism didn't teach you that? What a pity.

Capitalism might fuel greed, but hopefully you've noticed that socialism was an experiment that failed badly; it bred profound corruption and totalitarianism, and people suffered horribly during its reign. Socialism is an economic social theory, not a ecologic theory on animal preservation and natural balance...

If you want to be a vegan, go ahead. But do yourself, and the rest of us, a favor and don't sit there and tell us that because you've read Bronte, or maybe even Marx and Engels, you're so much smarter than we all are. Truth is, you're a misguided, short-sighted, foolish person. Put the bong down and get your head out of your ass.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Preston said...

Well, that's like, only your opinion, man.

At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commend you for invoking The Big Lebowski; well done. But, if you're going to do so, please get the quote right.


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