It Ain't Easy Eating Green


Saturday, July 29, 2006

My first post in FOREVER!

Wow, it's been so long since I last posted!

I'm really sorry for neglecting the site, my loyal, loyal readers. Things have been a little busy, that's all.

"What's been keeping you so god damned busy!?"

Easy now! All in good time, all in good time. I'd have to say the number one reason I've been neglecting the site so much is because Tre, my beloved boa constrictor, passed away.

A couple of people here had bets riding on when this would happen, saying that Tre's vegan diet would be the end of him. But you were wrong! It was a horrible tragedy, though: I had taken Tre outside with me so he could sun himself on our back lawn, when my idiot father whipped around the corner of the house on his riding lawn mower and ran him over! Tre's blood was hosed all over me. I screamed and started slapping and hitting my Dad, but he quickly pinned me to the ground and punched me in the mouth, telling me to get ahold of myself.

It was the lowest moment of my life, no question about it. Dad was drinking a beer when he was on the mower, so I called the police on him and tried to get him convicted on some sort of charge. They just laughed at me.

I quit my campus job. Sort of. I was so depressed at first that I didn't show up for over a week. They knew how much my snake meant to me, but said that I didn't have to worry about coming in to work anymore.

So I'm unemployed and totally miserable. I've spent the last couple of months in my room, playing Final Fantasy and Resident Evil 4 on my PS2. I like being in control.